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Are there EFTPOS / ATM Facilities on site?

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Food – I have lots of dietary restrictions. Will the meals be suitable?

Most likely, but please let us know in advance. All meals will be vegetarian and will have gluten/dairy free options. Sun and the team from New Earth Catering have truckloads of experience catering for people special dietary requirements. Please make a note of any special dietary needs when you book tickets. If you have something really specific feel free to send us an email via info@dancingground.org.

Included in the ticket price is eight wholesome meals, from dinner on Friday night to breakfast on Monday morning. We also provide some treats and chai for in between meals, however we do recommend for people to bring a few snacks as well, as dancing can create an unexpected appetite. We will provide a balanced diet for optimal nutrition, however if you are accustomed to a high protein diet, then please consider bringing along an additional source for example mixed nuts or protein powder.


Pack – What should I bring?

  • Your own cup, bowl, plate and cutlery and something to carry them in
  • A yoga mat if you wish to do yoga, acro balance, or thai yoga massage
  • A cushion or two to sit on for meals and hang out in community space
  • Tent and bedding (if camping) or bedding if you have booked share accommodation bed
  • Loose comfortable clothes for dancing
  • Warm clothes for the evening
  • Torch
  • A towel for the showers, creek swimming & hot tub
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Shawl or blanket
  • Instruments/performance items for open mic if you want to perform, or drums for drumming around the fire/drumming workshop.
  • Extra snacks/fresh fruit for between meals


Tickets – Are tickets refundable? What if I can’t make it to the festival?

Tickets are non-refundable. If you have purchased a ticket and can’t attend the festival, you can change the name the ticket is booked under. Name changes for bookings will only be accepted until three days before the festival (Tuesday February 17th). You are responsible for notifying us of name changes via info@dancingground.org. Name changes without notification will not be accepted.


Children – Should I bring my children to the festival? How does it work with attending workshops?

Dancing Ground is a super family oriented event. Whilst there isn’t childcare, there will be a kids’ space with heaps of activities and workshops. The kids’ workshops definitely aren’t childcare, but they are stimulating activities. Older children are sometimes okay to be left alone, but they are all different in their needs. The main thing to know is that if they wander off from the workshop, the kids’ facilitators can’t be responsible for bringing them back.

Parents often make reciprocal agreements with each other where one parent stays with the children for the kids’ workshops, and the others go off to the ‘big kids workshops.’ This can be a good way for parents to share the childcare and make sure they get lots of dancing in too.


Volunteering - what’s the story?

As a means of keeping ticket prices low, and also another opportunity to meet fabulous people at the festival, it is a condition of all those who purchase a ticket to Dancing Ground to contribute 1-2 hours of their time either during, directly prior or after the event. If you arrive a little earlier you can get this out of the way before the festival starts and just focus on dancing all weekend. We always welcome extra help during set up, both on site and in the kitchen. Send us an email to info@dancingground.org if this interests you.


Dance Class levels – I’m not really a dancer and am concerned that the classes will be aimed at people with more experience than me.

There is no expected level of dance ability at Dancing Ground. The festival is about  moving and grooving together, not about being ‘good’ at dance. We expect people with a whole range of experience levels to be at the festival, from novice to pro. Some classes don’t even have specific ‘steps’… like 5Rhythms for example. Others will be more step based, but none of the teachers will expect you to be experience in any way.

Like we say, we’re about ‘inspiring community through movement and dance’, not about dancing talent (although our facilitators are all very talented!) Those interested in coming for solely for the great crowd, food and camping… please do join us. There’s no pressure to participate, but we reckon you’ll want to!


Day Pass – Is it possible to attend for just one day?

Absolutely! Day Passes are available for Saturday and Sunday and include all workshops, yoga, three delicious vegetarian meals, chai and snacks, kids’ space & workshops, and entertainment on the given day. Please note that Day Passes do not include overnight camping either prior or following the day of festival attendance.


Mobile Coverage – Is there mobile phone reception at Gembrook?

There is reasonably good Telstra coverage around the grounds, yet very poor Optus coverage. We do however encourage participants to either refrain or minimise time spent on phones and electronic devices during the festival to enable you to become fully immersed in the stunning nature and the community around you.

Cash machine – Are there EFTPOS/ ATM Facilities on site?

There are no EFTPOS or ATM facilities. This is due to their being no need for cash once you have purchased your ticket as there are no stalls at the festival and all catering is provided. If you are purchasing a ticket on the gate, please bring the correct money.

Workshop – Do I need to book in for workshops?

There is no need to pre-book workshops, simply arrive on time and join in. NB Some workshops require that there be no late comers simply to establish and hold an uninterrupted space, therefore we advise that you are punctual to avoid missing out. Generally there are 2 of the same or similar workshops throughout the weekend, so if you miss a particular workshop on one day, you will have the opportunity to attend the next day.

Dog – I’d like to bring my dog, is this okay?

Although we love dogs, our site does not allow pets and thus Dancing Ground is a dog free festival.


Carpool – I’d like to carpool to the festival but don’t know many others going? What is the best way for me to do this?

Carpooling is a wonderful way of not only meeting other festival goers, but also to reduce fuel & travel costs.  Carpooling also helps us reduce the number of cars on site as well as our ecological footprint. If you are using Facebook, you can ask for or offer a ride via the facebook event page (available Jan 2015).


Arrival – What happens when I arrive at the festival? When do gates open?

Please look out for signs and enter at Gate 4. Please drive slowly through the site until you reach registration. At this point you’ll be given your wristband, map, timetable and instructions on where to camp. Note that you aren’t required to bring any printed ticket – we may ask for proof of ID to confirm your booking, but Dancing Ground does not use printed tickets.

We will be on site setting up from Thursday afternoon. We would love to have you come early and help us beautify, assemble and create a lush dance space! If you would like to participate in set up and therefore stay on site on Thursday night, please contact us to let us know in advance (info@dancingground.org).

Unless you are arriving early to assist with set up, gates open at 3pm on Friday with the festival kicking off at 6pm. Dinner is at 6:30pm and if you want to do 5Rhythms please make sure you arrive by 7:30pm.


Parking – Where do I park? Can I camp with my car or van?

We request that once you have found your campsite and set up, that all cars be moved from the campground. Cars are to be parked in the main carpark, located between Gates 2 and 3, unless you absolutely need to have your car with you in the campsite. This is important both for keeping the campsite clear, and for safer exit in the case of an emergency. Apart from Friday evening there is to be no moving of vehicles after 6pm on site. If you expect to leave the site after 6pm, please ensure that your vehicle is parked in the main carpark before that time. As there will be small children about, please do not exceed 10km/hr on site.



Scouts Australia Gilwell Park

2555 Gembrook-Launching Place Rd, Gembrook, Victoria, Australia

Gilwell Park is a little over an hour’s drive from Melbourne.

  • From Monash Freeway (M1) or Eastlink (M3), take the turnoff to Wellington Rd (towards Rowville – State route 18).
  • Stay on this road (through Emerald, Cockatoo, and Gembrook), for around 55km, then turn left onto Gembrook-Launching Place Rd (there are signs to Gilwell Park).
  • Stay on this road for another 5.5km until you reach Gilwell Park. Turn into Gate 4 and follow the driveway until you reach registration