Tarp Mahal

Dancing Ground Festival is colourfully covered by Tarp Mahal’s wonderful collection of stretch tarps. Tarp Mahal Installations was formed to satisfy Jaes & Aza’s desire to combine their joy of festivals & events along with their skills, knowledge & resources with their pleasure of taking on the challenge of installing tarps & marquees to create great spaces for people to enjoy. To see more of their colourful tarp r-evolution, check out their website and follow their festival decor on Facebook.

Tarp Mahal

New Earth Catering

The delicious and wholesome meals at Dancing Ground are prepared by Sun Hyland and the team from New Earth Catering. Specialising in vegetarian, vegan and gluten free cuisine, New Earth Catering places an emphasis on being deliciously satisfying as well as nourishing and healthy. Read more about Sun’s organic catering business on his website and Facebook.

New Earth Catering

Store DJ

Dancing Ground Festival is powered by QSC Active Loudspeakers and Subs, thanks to Store DJ.  When it comes to connecting people with music on the dance floor, Store DJ have the technology to make the magic happen.  They are the largest retailer in Australia of DJ Equipment, Music Technology, Studio Gear & PA Systems.  You can find Store DJ stores in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, as well as online and on Facebook.

Store DJ photo

Lordtown Productions

Thanks to Jay from Lordtown Productions for capturing the essence of the festival through his lenses of video and still photography. Jay loves to capture vibrant cultural and lifestyle experiences, as well as fashion, travel and good vibrations in general. He is talented at translating the magic of human moments onto the screen. Lordtown Productions is based in Melbourne and can found through the world wide web and Facebook.



Dancing Ground would like to thank Emma and LivingNow, Australia’s leading Holistic Magazine, for their promotional support this year. Dancing Ground is excited to be reaching more dancers with it’s invitation to join us at this gorgeous event.

 LivingNow is Australia’s favourite and largest holistic magazine. Every month, hundreds of thousands of readers are inspired, nurtured, informed and empowered by both the print and online editions of LivingNow. Each issue, readers receive a smorgasbord of articles on complementary health, well-being, relationships, living consciously, connection to our environment and personal empowerment. LivingNow’s mission is to facilitate readers’ personal development and growth by providing independent articles each month from some of the most reputable writers in the industry. While the perspectives may differ, the goal is the same – to offer a gift to readers in their journey for happiness and empowerment. Learn more at or


Transcendental Concepts, by Louise “Owl” Gilmore, works with a deep understanding of energetics to create stylized, beautifying & transformative décor. With the aim to intentionally transform any space into a felt experience through higher perception & visual stimulation, each space holds a higher amplified frequency specific to support healing, harmony, peace & joy…& can be themed or tailored to specifics.

Transcendental Concepts has had extensive experience working with Tarp Mahal stretch tarps, is available for weddings & themed events, and specialises in décor for….

  • Indoor & outdoor events
  • Workshop spaces.
  • Festival stages & installations

This is Owls 3rd year of supporting Dancing Ground with her amazing decorations & alter installations.
See examples of her work experience & follow her Facebook page at

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