What people have said

Some of the wonderful feedback we’ve received from the last three festivals

“Thank you so much beautiful people for creating such magic on all levels. Fyona”

“I felt more relaxed and comfortable at this festival than any other festival I have been to. I came and wrote ‘love’ as my intention for this space and really felt that love around me all throughout in many different ways – in the food I ate, the company I kept and through the music and dance. Thank you so much for your imagination, inspiration & for having the will to bring this festival into being. Love Kate”


“I loved it! Loved the family vibe, relaxed schedule (plenty of breaks between things)! Lovely atmosphere. We could do some belly dancing too! V. happy person xxoo”

“Magnifico! …I cannot find any negative feedback… Don’t change it.”

“In appreciation of:

– diverse workshop choice – never a dull moment
– scrumptious food
– spunky peeps
– crystalline intention
– delicious location


“I don’t quite know what to say… it was all WONDERFUL (lots of love hearts)”

“Had a blast! Felt very priviledged to have it small in numbers with such quality instructors. Loved that there were workshops for kids, the location for ease of getting around and the environment – that we ate together and that the music stopped between workshops (so peaceful!)”

“WOO HOO!!! You guys rock! I love you all. THANK YOU.”

“Sharing my workshops and dancing with all the beautiful people at Dancing Ground has brought me so much joy. I leave here full of love, light and total satisfaction and peace. I love the energy of this place, thought it was great set up – so well organised and managed, great community/family and dance styles mixed together. The dance workshop spaces were well set up – loved the alters. I am so grateful for the invitation to facilitate and participate in this superb festival. Look forward to more. With love, thanks xx Nicola.”

“Dear Dancing Ground Posse! Bless you!! 🙂 Feedback:

– Some quality facilitators: AWESOME!
– FOOD was/is AMAZING! Thank you for such quality nourishment and VEGAN G.F. options… SUPERB. THE FOOD AND THE TREES WERE HALF THE FESTIVAL FOR ME! Love, love, love…
– ORGANISATION AND ANNOUNCEMENTS was well done, clear and perfectly informative… Ta! 🙂
– BEAUTIFUL VIBE you created – birthed with all who came, really gorgeous atmosphere…
– Nice blend of dance, yoga, sound healing, free dance etc..
– CHAI + TREATS -OH MY!!! GOD!! You guys are wonderful”

“I came to the festival on my own which I was slightly apprehensive about. On arrival I was so warmly welcomed and invited to camp with Ariana that all fears dissolved. Across the weekend I made many connections and felt part of an incredible community. I loved the inclusiveness and how it spanned all generations. In regards to connectedness with self I feel that being surrounded by so many like minded and open people made that process, facilitated through dance, possible and encouraged.”

“Thank you! The meals were all incredible! I’m a vegan and it was nice to have it so easy 🙂 I really enjoyed volunteering for two hours and feeling apart of the wondrous creations and it was another time to have the chance to connect and meet people.”

“I felt welcomed as soon as we arrived.  Actually, I received 2 hugs as soon as I hopped out of the car, but walking into the reception space and being greeted with smiles, even though Sarah and Rachel were flat chat with a bunch of kids and parents, felt great.

Connectedness to self through the program of dance and the time/space between the dancing sessions – beautiful.

Connectedness to others through a common meal time, where everyone stops, eats and connects.  I knew I could always find someone I was looking for; the sense of groundedness was really, really satisfying.”

“Beautiful interconnected community! An opportunity to nurture one’s soul in a safe, loving and open environment.”

“Wow there was an array of dance forms from inspiring and talented facilitators squeezed into one weekend!!!”